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3D Wall Panel Stickers

Want to change the entire interior of your house? That's easy to do with our 3D Wall Panel Stickers!

  • Dimension: 30.32 inch * 27.56 inch * 0.33 inch, each piece is 5.813 sq.Ft. The brick wall stickers is very soft anti-collision for children, care for your family safe
  • The 3D fireproof foam wallpaper is safety, and have xpe certification, no detection of harmful heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury) over standard value,economic wall covering material, health high quality environmental, it is safe to children
  • Anti-collision, Waterproof, Fireproof,it has a texture in the surface shows you more abundant visual experience. The wallpaper panel can cover the dirty on the wall, easy clean and maintenance
  • Easy to put up high standard wallpaper quality, you can use Whitewall 3D wallpaper DIY your home, peel and stick on wall, convenient easy to erase
  • Application: wall decoration, furniture, TV walls, sofa background, living room walls, bedroom walls, home office wall decoration

    • name: 3D foam wallpaper
    • material: 3D PE fireproof foam sheet
    • size(1piece): 30.32 inch x 27.56 inch x 0.33 inch
    • life: over 10 years

    Feature: health high quality environment professional children collision strong adhesion simple construction home waterproof cold 3D foam wall sticker.

    Construction notices

    Applicable to: paint, ceramic tile, glass, wallpaper, wood, plastic, metal and so on.
    1. Measure the wall to get detailed sizes before do the cutting.
    2. Please cutting along the line, to get better overall effect.
    3. Make sure that the walls are smooth of dust before construction, dull polish wall may shorten the service life of the product.
    4. Please do the overall planning before construction, so as to avoid unnecessary waste.
    5. Keep the wall dry, long term seepage of wall will affect the service life of the product.
    6. Do not use sharp objects to destroy the wall, this will affect the overall appearance.

    Installation methods: Paste the surface clean with adhesion, such as: wood surface, glass surface, no dust wall, hit the bottom of the wall putty and so on.

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