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Portable Disinfection Lamp

Worldwide, viruses and the flu result in 5,000,000 cases of severe illnesses and 700,000 deaths annually according to the World Health Organization.

Fatal cases are most common in young children and the elderly.

The terrifying problem is that these viruses are evolving every day through natural selection, becoming more resistant to antiviral drugs.

It is more important now than ever to prevent virus infection before it infects its host.

We all know the importance of good hygiene, the general rules for washing hands thoroughly and handling raw meats, etc.. however it is almost impossible to imagine the actual number of microbes on every inch of your environment.

It only takes one of the microbes to be a pathogen to infect and start attacking its host. 

ViGone™️ is scientifically designed to use strong UV radiation and Ozone to sterilize the area of all potential pathogens. 

Protect Your Family With ViGone™️


UV SterilizationViGone™️ uses short wave-length ultraviolet light to kill or inactivate viruses, bacteria, mites, and germs by destroying their DNA. This method of sterilization is used by major organizations to purify food, water, and air.

Ozone Sterilization - Ozone (O3) is the molecule that makes up our ozone layer. It is very reactant and will oxidize any bacteria or virus it makes contact with.

Air Purifying - you will notice after using ViGone™️ for 3-4 weeks that you feel more energetic and healthier, this is because the fresh purified air in your home doesn't require your immune system to be fighting off infections all the time.

Portable & CompactViGone™️ is different from other sterilizers as it is small in size but not in disinfection ability. This makes ViGone™️ great for cars and hotel rooms where many unwanted pathogens are brought in from the outdoors and spread.

Easy To Use - Simple one-button design, push power to turn on, the blue light indicator will show if ViGone™️ is active, push again to turn off or it will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of usage 

**Safety Notice** - The strong sterilizing effect of ViGone™️ can cause damage to the skin and eyes if not used correctly. It is recommended that all people, animals, and plants are absent from the environment whilst ViGone™️ is active. Keep away from children, this is not a toy.

Shipping Notice - Due to unforeseen circumstances the demand for ViGone™️ has increased rapidly. Please be patient with your order as we take the time to process these orders.