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Portable Smart Translator
Portable Smart Translator
Portable Smart Translator

Portable Smart Translator

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Do you want to have command of multiple languages as soon as possible without putting extra efforts into it? Or do you want to find a way how to facilitate your current language learning process?

Then consider exploring a new invention of science flipping your thinking about translation activity – Portable Smart Translator designed to provide fast and accurate translation. It can serve as a solid alternative to a traditional dictionary or Google Translate and be their powerful competitor.


Multiple Languages Support – support up to 40 languages. Each language can be translated to each other.

Two Types of Translation – photo translation and voice translation.

Photo translation: simply choose the source language and take a photo of the original text by your mobile phone to get its precise translation.

Voice Translation: enjoy intelligent voice recognition technology to facilitate communication in a foreign language. Your speech will be translated into high quality target language text and transmitted into its voice output.

Compatibility and Portability – connects to any mobile device with Bluetooth and is easy to carry around.

Supported Languages:

Mandarin (Chinese), English (United States), English (Australian English), English (British English), English (Indian English), Cantonese (Cantonese), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian ,Turkish, Malay, Hindi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Spanish (South American), French, French (Canada), Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Swedish, Catalan, Hebrew, Norwegian, Slovak, Hungarian.

*Please allow for up to 8-20 days delivery due to high demand.

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