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Color Changing Natural Aloe Vera Lipstick

No More Dry and Colorless Lips!

Color Changing Moisturizing Lipstick Anti Aging

Long-Lasting Natural Aloe Vera Lipstick


100% High Quality Natural Ingredients!

Natural aloe vera gel moisturizing lip balm.

Color automatically adjusts based on your lips PH balance!

Long-lasting lip makeup, not easy to fade, waterproof and sweat-proof, full color, bright color.

The difference between the two lipsticks is the paste, one is jelly and the other is lipstick texture.

This lipstick provides a complete, sexy look to your lips, ready to appeal to anyone.

Each tube of this lipstick contains a conditioning agent that moisturizes lips and keeps lips moisturized.

This lipstick is discolored according to the individual's body temperature, so everyone will have a different color.

Apply lipstick to prepare to conquer the world.

Use this lipstick to make a face for yourself.




Color: warming lipstick

Size: 8 * 2.5 * 2.5 cm

Net content: 3.5 g


Package Included: