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Smart Massager For Neck and Shoulders

Relieve all of your tension and soreness in your back and neck with this amazing smart massager. It uses low-frequency TENS pulse principle to stimulate three amazing massage techniques

✅ Ergonomic "L" shape design

✅ Activated Advanced Heating System

✅ Portable and lightweight

✅ Low-frequency TENS pulse

✅ Easy to use, easy to get started

✅ Relieves pressure in neck & shoulders


Our Smart Neck and Shoulder Massager imitates the effects of a real massage from a masseuse. Experience a gentle warmth, and kneading massage to soothe tired muscles, relieve aches and improve blood circulation. Relieve tightness and receive a satisfying, deep, relaxing massage at home, in the office, or while you're travel. With three different massage modes, and fifteen different strength levels. Light weight, compact and stylish design. The system is perfect for use during daily commutes. Just 15 minutes a day is all you need to start feeling the difference


Our Smart Neck and Shoulder Massager acts as your personal & portable massage therapist. Simulating two real hands while allowing you to control 3 different massage techniques and up to 15 strength intensity adjustments.UniqueAge instantly eases muscle tension, stress, and pain. Within seconds experience an amazing therapeutic massage, without spending a single dollar.


Nobody likes the feeling of coldness on the back of your neck. Neckology delivers soothing heat which will accurately control to 120°F in 3 seconds. It's basically instant heat!

✅ Warms up to 120°F in 3 seconds

✅ Wireless remote to adjust pressure, heat and mode

✅ Warm plates reduce muscle fatigue and stress


The Smart Neck and Shoulder Massager fits around your neck super comfortably and it has "balloon"-like padding that will keep you wearing this for hours. It's definitely one of those items that you won't even notice that it's on after a while. It was extremely important for us to design something that could be worn for extended hours as people would be using this on-the-go. The special material will keep sweat from damaging it while also remaining extremely comfortable.


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