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StandAlone™️ - Smart Non-Slip Walking Stick

Falls are the number 1 cause of accidental deaths in people aged 65+ and are a major cause of disabilities. How will you know your elderly loved one is safe in your absence?

Introducing StandAlone™️ our high-quality adjustable walking stick intelligently designed to provide assistance to those who struggle to stand once seated.

Light & Durable

StandAlone™️ is made of high-quality aluminium which makes it durable and light simultaneously which is perfect for the elderly


LED Lighting 

StandAlone™️ is fit with LED lighting so the chances of a nighttime fall are majorly reduced.

Adjustable Height

StandAlone™️ has a genius telescopic design so that every cane is suitable for every user, regardless of their height! Height can be adjusted to 5 different levels by lightly pressing the button.

This telescopic design also means that StandAlone™️ is compact and easy to transport anywhere and everywhere!


StandAlone™️ has a base composed of four balancing 'feet' meaning it can stand up on its own. This base is anti-skid and can be rotated 360° to fit any type of path.

Integrated Alarm


StandAlone™️ has a built-in alarm which is activated via the push of a button. Your loved one will always be able to get assistance in case of an emergency.


Stand-Up Assistance

StandAlone™️ is fit with an additional handle which creates leverage to support effortless standing.

The Galactic Grabs' GuaranteeIf for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you, feel free to send us an email at and we'll promptly refund your purchase!

Give the priceless gift of safety, independence and improved quality of life with StandAlone™️